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tonishment that his countryme●n had not seen fit to send a deputation of■ chiefs to receive him from the hands ●of Onontio, and calling upon them to do● so without delay, lest he should think● that they had forgotten him. Alon●g w

ith the messengers, Frontenac vent●ured to send the Chevalier d'Aux, a half-p●ay officer, with orders to o●bserve the disposition of the Iroquo

is, ■and impress them in private talk with?/p>

?a sense of the count's power■, of his good-will to them, and of t

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ttached by the Iro

he wisdom of● coming to terms with him, lest, like an ang■ry fathe

quois to the■ mat

r, he should be forced at last to use th●e rod. The chevalier's recep

ters in question. En

ti■on was a warm one. They burn●ed two of his attendants, forced him t

couraged b

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29May, 2012

o run the● gauntlet, and, after a vigorous■ thrashing, sent him prisoner to ■Albany. The last failure was worse than the■ first. The cou

21May, 2012

nt's name was great among the I●roquois, but he had trusted i●ts power too far. [20] [20] Message of O■urehaoué, in N. Y. Col. Docs., III. 73

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